The Benefits of Building a Deck in the Fall

November Deck

While there’s little doubt that summer is the best time to enjoy an outdoor deck, it’s more challenging to pinpoint when the best time is to build a new deck. Many homeowners tend to find themselves frantically scrambling to find someone to build a new deck in early summer so it can be ready for a barbecue on the Fourth of July. This often leaves homeowners with few options when it comes to who they hire and what products may be in stock.

Timing Is Everything
Smart homeowners know that the trick to saving money and avoiding the stress of scheduling, is being aware of when other people typically shop for the same product or service — then committing to it well before, or well after this time.

In the outdoor construction business, late fall and early spring can be the best time to build a new deck. For example, when the summer rush comes to an end, families tend to turn their focus away from outdoor projects and onto other things, such as projects inside the home. This often means that contractors who specialize in building outdoor spaces won’t be as busy.

Off Season Jobs Benefit Contractors and Homeowners
With smaller workloads during off season months, deck contractors may be able to deliver better service with more undivided attention. And without the stress of having to move quickly to the next job, contractors and their crews have extra time to try out new products and develop new skills that could save them time — and money — in the future.

For example, deck builders may want to try out a new way of installing deck boards. With Barrette Outdoor Living’s Step-Clip® hidden fastener system, composite decking can be installed 50% faster by attaching pre-measured, pre-spaced strips along the top edge of the deck joist. A little extra practice during the off season can ensure contractors are confident in using the Step-Clip® system when the busy season starts up.

Contractors may also be more willing to negotiate with you on pricing during the off season. As a result, homeowners may be able to afford to expand their deck layout, upgrade to a higher level of decking product or consider upgrading or adding a railing.

The Benefits of Scheduling a Deck Build in the Fall
Scheduling a deck build for late fall because also reduces the impact on a homeowner’s yard and landscaping. Heavy equipment used for site preparation and excavation work can damage lawns and other vegetation. But as summer turns to fall, the natural cycle of most outdoor plants has shifted from growth to dormancy. That means that any exterior damage caused by high foot traffic or construction equipment will more easily be absorbed and naturally repair itself by the following spring.

The only catch is being mindful of freezing ground temperatures which can make it more difficult to dig post footings for your new deck. This isn’t as much of an issue if you are resurfacing and existing deck. polypropylene composite decking — like Barrette Outdoor Living’s Composite Decking — is resistant to moisture and experiences only minimal expansion and contraction from one season to the next. So even if the decking is installed on a 35° day in November, it will remain solid, safe and secure in June when temps hit 90°.

With summer sinking fast behind us, now is the time to contact a few local professional decking contractors and know that you’ll most likely end up with a better looking, less expensive deck to enjoy next summer.