6 Steps For Decking Installation

6 steps deck

Whether we’re talking about decking balustrades or our high performance composite, convenience is the cornerstone of every Trex product. Explore the six simple steps below to understand the basics. Then, when you’re ready to dig into how to lay your garden decking, refer to our Installation Guide.

trex decking substructure installation protective tape

1. Protect your substructure

Trex can be installed over timber, steel or aluminum substructures with joist centers at a maximum of 400mm apart. If building over a timber substructure, you should consider using Trex®Protect™ self-adhesive butyl tape to prevent moisture damage.

trex decking transcend spiced rum install cut boards

2. Cut your boards

For a neat finish, we recommend trimming boards on both ends at a minimum of 5mm. They’re always supplied with extra length, so you can clean cut both ends and still have the size you need.

foggy wharf detail rockport furniture

3. Choose your layout

Every Trex board is unique. To ensure the best variety of colour tones, mix and match all boards in the most visually appealing way prior to installation.

beach dune install hidden fastener talent

4. Hide your screws

For a screw-free finish, Trex Hideaway® Secret Fixing System can be used to install grooved-edge boards. The Universal Fasteners connect two boards together if you drill downwards, directly into the joists. They should be no more than 25mm from the end of the board.

foggy wharf install hidden fastener talent

5. Tighten as you go

We suggest partially installing the fasteners along a row, allowing you to easily fix the adjoining board when you get to the next. You can then revisit a row to tighten things up when several rows are installed.

railing classic white vintage lantern fascia

6. Cover the decking edges

Install Trex® Fascia boards to the edges of your patio to give it a more polished look. This finishing touch is now available to match every Trex decking option—so whatever you choose, we’ve got you covered. Just like that, you’re installed—with decking handrails and balustrade next on the list.