right window

Step 1: Look beyond the windows (see the big picture)

Take a step back. Think conceptually. Ask yourself what you really want to do with your home — not just with your windows, but with your home. What experiences do you want to create? For example:

Do you want to let in more natural light? Create more air flow? Make things more modern? Maybe you want to open up an entire wall to create a panoramic view or impressive indoor/outdoor space. Don’t let the word “window” hold you back!

Even if you think you just need to fix your current windows, take a few days to think about it. Getting new windows is generally a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, so you want to make sure you choose something you’ll love in the long run. 

Tip: Instagram and Pinterest are great places to get the gears turning. @AndersenWindows is constantly posting photos on Instagram of amazing projects that homeowners like you are doing.

Dining room with floor-to-ceiling black windows
Indoor/outdoor living with modern black windows and expansive views
Floor to ceiling bedroom windows
Boho-inspired bathroom with large black windows
Large, black windows over kitchen sink filled with flowers

Step 2: Think colors and design

Once you have your vision dialed in, you can think about details like window type and color. Ask yourself what the windows themselves look like from your vision. How do they open? For example:

Do you want modern black windows that contrast with your walls? Something more traditional like stained wood? Or do you really want them to stand out (or match) with a custom color like pastel blue?

And what about window type? Do you want floor-to-ceiling windows? Do you want them to open up-and-down, slide open, or crank open from the side? If you’re not familiar with all the different types of windows, you can browse windows by window type here. Maybe what you’re really looking for isn’t a window at all, but a door instead. That can be a great way to open your home to a backyard patio area.

The options are virtually endless, and we have options that cover pretty much everything. But if you’re still not sure about the exact type of window you need and what all the differences are, don’t worry, Step 3 will help you.

Exterior porch with sandstone windows
Marble bathroom with walk-in shower and awning window
Kitchen with dog, blue cabinets, and farmhouse sink
Bedroom featuring black windows and doors with grilles, contemporary look
Exterior view of house with colored windows
Contractor explaining options to homeowners

Step 3: Get a certified contractor to find the right fit

In addition to installing your windows, a certified contractor will also help you find the exact type of window that best fits your vision. All you need to do is share your vision and tell them what you’re looking for. For example:

An Andersen Certified Contractor, Kelly Thurman of Artisan Windows, recently met with a homeowner who requested a specific color for windows. The homeowner wanted the windows to match the unique color of her home. When she told Kelly this, Kelly was able to recommend E-Series windows based on his extensive knowledge of our products and the custom nature of the line. The result was getting the homeowner exactly what she envisioned.

By approaching an Andersen Certified Contractor with what you want to do, they can help identify the exact window to make it happen.In the end, your home should be a place you love to come back to and spend time in every day. Windows are a big part of that and can really change the way a home looks and feels. And since getting new windows is something you likely won’t do often, it’s important to take time to think about what experiences you want them to help create in your home.

Free your mind and allow yourself to dream. This process should be fun, and you’ll have a certified pro ready to help you with the specifics once you get there.